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Lowongan Pekerjaan Perusahaan Fintech Indonesia WFA


Front End Engineer

IT Development Division

Division : 

Loker Posisi Product IT Development Jakarta

Job Position

Lowongan Kerja posisi IT Engineer Fintech Jakarta

Job Description :

  • Design and build component display (UI) and logic in Front-End Web Apps

  • Develop and improve high quality HTML/CSS/JS code

  • Give the idea for developing existing products in accordance with technological developments

  • Ensure all technical design, implementation and testing

  • Perform a code review for a recently submitted pull request

  • Collaborate daily with other developers to translate UI/UX design wireframes to code that will produce visual elements in our application.

  • Optimize websites and applications for fast loading speed

  • Troubleshoot and solve various website issues and coding problems

Requirements :

  • Having experience or projects in Financial services, is a PLUS

  • Computer Science fundamentals in object-oriented design, data structures and algorithm design, and complexity analysis

  • Software development fundamentals, including testing, troubleshooting and using version control (we use GIT).

  • Familiar with and/or have experience with Agile development

  • Demonstrated achievement in front-end development technologies using JavaScript frameworks (ReactJS /NextJS /Vue JS / Nuxt JS), HTML 5, CSS, JQuery, and AJAX

  • Familiar with Symetric Encryption (AES), Asymetric Encryption (RSA)

  • Ability to create component-based reusable and testable modules and pages.

  • Good knowledge of UI/UX and an awareness of UX principles with a meticulous eye for detail

  • Capable in Designing Responsive Website is a MUST

  • Good understanding of SEO Principles (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Experience with Web Service RESTfull API / Micro Service Concept

  • Container services such as Kubernetes, Docker etc (a plus!)

  • Knowledgeable of client-side scripting and server-side scripting

     Keys to Success

  • Team player willing to take the initiative to identify and act on matters without waiting for direction. This one is really important.

  • Genuinely excited about technology, have a strong interest in learning & using the latest tools, and constantly want to learn new things.

  • Highly-motivated and thrive in an environment where opportunities are many times of your own making.

  • Enjoy engaging in passionate discussions with smart people and letting the best ideas rise to the top.

  • Strong communication skills, both with technical and nontechnical audiences.

  • Willingness to work as part of a team and embrace best practices, like version control, code reviews, documentation and workflow management tools.

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