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SPE Solution

Push Payment Management

Payment technology and innovation that aims to evolve traditional payment methods to become new fast, secure and trusted way of transaction. It is an emerging industry that uses technology to improve activities in finance.

Push Payment - Merchant Operation Management - Gamification
SPE Solution

Business Communication

Our solution is making information exchange become more efficient in order to promote an organization's goals, objectives, purpose, and activities, as well as increase profits within the company.

Wappin - DocoBlast - SMS Gateway
SPE Solution


Our expertise in multiple platform and languages will help you to connect your business with others. We simplify connectivity within two or multiple platform to become “one”.

Billing Payment (PPOB) - e-PBB - Cash Management
SPE Solution


Our knowledge in technology fields was help so many business to increase their business. We have specialist in fintech, banking solutions, supply chain, gamification, etc.

e-Commerce - Smart Community


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