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DevOps Engineer


Division : 

IT Infrastructure, Network, and Security Division


Job Position


Job Description :

  • Design and develop automated script use CI/CD process and automation tools

  • Ensure that system are safe and secure against cybersecurity threats

  • Build and config infrastructure system both on-premise and on cloud (Alibaba & GCP)

  • Ensure and optimize database performance in large scale transaction

  • Develop, maintain and plan for system growth accordance with best practices

Requirements :

  • Dev Ops certification (Foundation, DCA, Kubernetes) preferred

  • Experience in dockerization and implementing automation with CI/CD (GIT)

  • Experience in database SQL & NoSQL (MySQL, MongoDB, Redis)

  • Experience in Linux hardening, web server (NGINX) and load balancer (KONG)

  • Candidate must possess at least Associate Degree

  • Minimum has two years of working experience in related field

  • Willing to WFO min. 2 times in 1 month, the need for collaboration with the team

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